Our Drainage system supplies steam required for drying paper to dryer
in the process of manufacturing paper and discharges condensate from dryer.
 Generally, there are various types of papers including familiar tissue,
board paper, banknote paper, etc.
 Our Drainage system is involved in the drying process of manufacturing
these papers.

 MS NETSUGAKU has made efforts to introduce quality system
review and registration system(ISO) since soon after inception of the
 Getting certified according to ISO-9001, we have been involved in
quality control of drainage system for paper machine.
 Since then, we have continued to present proposal for the improve-
ment of energy saving and contributed to improvement of productivity
relating to drying paper in paper machines in various sizes based on
management principles of <permanently evolution by providing
drainage system meeting the needs of clients>.
 We have won the trust of paper companies in Japan and abroad
through our activities.

Quality Policy of MS Netsugaku

 During paper manufacturing process, much steam produced in boiler
is used to dry wet paper, but using less steam to dry paper leads to
energy saving.
 We believe that our mission is to help handing over the beautiful earth
to our descendants through our efforts to achieve energy saving by
efficiently utilizing the steam to dry wet paper.
 From this point of view, MS NETSUGAKU will continue to
contribute to society through our business of drying paper with meeting
various demands of customers.


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