The advantage of MS Drainage System

You will get the following improvement effects

 of sheet quality

Saving heat
  & man power

  of productivity

*Prevent of cockle on sheet
*Prevent of picking
  of moisture profile
*Prevent of paper dust

  of steam consumption
*Sheet moisture control
*Decrease of driving power
  of dryer section
*Decrease of cooling water
   for condenser

*Improvement of
  average steam pressure
*Improvement of dryer drum
   surface temperature
*Improvement of wide range
   of productivity
*Decrease of sheet break


*Reliable discharge of drain
*Optimizing steam pressure
*Optimizing pipe sizing
*Minimized sheet break

*Adoption of cascade system
*Optimizing blow-through quality
*Optimizing steam pressure group
*Adoption of drain heater


*    for low temperature dryer
*    for excessive dryer
*Slow drying
*Auto-control of instrument

We, MS Netsugaku offer high quality drainage system to fulfill the needs.

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