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  MS Steam and Condensate System for Paper Machine
  We, MS Netsugaku have been studying and developing a steam and condensate
  system over 30 years from the view point of paper drying through the dryer cylinders.
  In consequence of our long term of experiences and developments we,MS Netsugaku
  are proud that the customer satisfy our MS steam condensate system applications
  comprising thermo-compressor system, flow control system and blow through cascade
   system applied to various grade of paper, tissue paper etc.
  In addition, our Air Circulation System application technology provides the customer with
   high reputation and satisfaction in case that the dryers must be operated with low surface
  temperature(at 40-90℃)
  Business line
  Engineering, design, manufacture and installation of the steam and condensate systems
  for paper / board machine.
  * Steam and condensate system for multi-cylinder dryer
    --Blow-through system cascade type.
    --Blow-through system thermo-compressor type.
    --Air circulation system for low temperature dryers.
  * Steam and condensate system for Yankee dryer
    --Blow-through system thermo-compressor type.
    --Blow-through system heat exchanger type.
    --Direct return system of high temperature condensate
      to the boiler.
  * Steam and condensate system for coater
    --Blow-through system for multi-cylinder.
    --Condensate recovery system for hot air hood.

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